2017 Group Inquiries

We host visitors, families, and campers at the Kinark Outdoor Center almost everyday starting June 1 through to October 31, year in and year out! 

In trying to reach out to teachers and group leaders who are still looking for facilities to host the well team building, educational, fun, and community filled trip this fall,  we are directing new inquiries toward our current vacancies. These trips are all fun and very enriching!

Our rate ranges from $65/visitor to $78.50/visitor per overnight based on group size. Staff and visiting volunteers are charged at $15pp to cover food costs. We will update the available dates as they fill up. By filling out this form you are not committing to anything - but you will get contacted by a program director to discuss your goals and to move your group toward a confirmed booking!

Group Inquiry

My goals for a school trip include:

Please tell us about your booking: Numbers, Grade, purpose, boys/girls/coed, previous outdoor ed. experiences and other.