Adventure Programming

Participants are engaged both as individuals and as a group in three, four, and five-day customized visits to the KOC. Through continuous group and individual assessment the KOC staff facilitate adventure based programming based on the Adventure Program Activity Sequence (Radcliffe & Cuff, 1988).  

Activities include:

Ice Breaker/Acquaintance games and activities  

De-Inhibitizer activities encourage participants to take some risks and increase their commitment. Emphasis is placed on a cooperative environment.

Trust activities are used as opportunities for individuals to establish a sense of belonging within the group and to affirm emotional safety levels.

Communication activities encourage group members to develop their ability to convey thoughts and feelings effectively and positively.

Group Problem Solving activities present opportunities for participants to develop effective problem solving skills, and to recognize and capitalize on individual strengths. Participants experience a range of problem solving approaches that encourage creative thinking, proper planning, and awareness.  

Personal Challenge activities provide opportunities for individuals to set personal goals. These activities promote the development of self confidence and greater feeling of self worth. Individual challenges and effort are supported by active group participation through spotting and encouragement.  

Recreational activities at the Kinark Outdoor Center are selected in the planning process between the group contact and the KOC's program coordinator. Selection is based on group and individual challenge, comfort zones, and willingness to participate. Meaningful parallels between the activities and real-life experiences are looked for to allow the transfer between KOC initiatives and the benefit once back at home.