Outdoor Education

For over twenty five years the Kinark Outdoor Centre has been partnering with elementary and secondary schools, colleges, universities and community institutions to facilitate outdoor recreation and adventure education programs. We purposefully seek out the leading practitioners in the fields of education, recreation, and social service  to offer a people -focused, hands-on learning experience that students will remember, talk about, and learn from for the rest of their lives. We pride ourselves on the quality of our staff and the value of the experience offered at the Centre.

When you bring a school group to the KOC you are also supporting the important interventions and work that we facilitate on weekends and throughout the summer for children with complex neurological disorders and their families. Thank you for choosing us!

What to Expect from the KOC:

At the Kinark Outdoor Centre the best field trip is offered through our commitment to the following:

EASY PLANNING: A comprehensive pre-trip and planning process that includes a planning meeting with the teachers/organizers, a pre-trip information night for parents and students, a teacher information planning booklet, meeting with School Board and parent organization administrators and double checking all details.

SAFE: We ensure a safe program environment by gathering detailed information about individual student needs, conforming with industry operational guidelines, training and certifying all Kinark Outdoor Centre program staff in the appropriate areas, documented daily, monthly and quarterly safety reviews audited by outside accreditation and certification bodies, checking on the well being of all participants on an ongoing basis.

PROFESSIONAL: Providing Supported Opportunities For Growth,  understanding the readiness and comfort level of all students prior to participation, supporting participation at the level students are comfortable, encouraging students to challenge themselves and grow through the provision of engaging and unique activities. Our staff work with youth from a variety of backgrounds, with complex needs, and are accustomed to providing comprehensive behavioural and program supports for visitors.

CURRICULUM: Integrated Character Education, Environmental Stewardship, and Sustainable Living concepts - all aspects of the Outdoor Center visit will promote an environmental ethic and culture to the program and experience.

RELEVANT: Linking Experiences to their Everyday Lives – through intentional framing of activities, progression of adventure facilitation, de-briefing, follow-up exercises, and facilitating integration components. We are able to link the activities to the Ontario curriculum for you or school specific  themes

Good Food, comfortable accommodation, and 24 hour support.

We understand that even thinking about a residential field trip for your students is work that goes above and beyond your daily expectations as a teacher. We will help and guide the process of booking, registration, parent information nights, planning, and ensure a repeatable experience is had by all.

Teacher Booklet

If you have questions please let us know and we'll assist you to ensure that all the details of your trip are covered. We will deliver parent presentations; we will assist you in finding transportation; we will help you determine what kind of parent support is needed to run your field trip. We're here to help.