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It's About Community

by Jane Isbister | Jun 11, 2014

I imagine it would be easy for any teacher to wonder 'what's the point?' when considering the effort of taking your classroom away for 3-5 days to a camp or outdoor center. Excellent urban-based programs exist; portable climbing walls can be brought onto school property; the promotion of outdoor free play is infiltrating many sectors of our societies with funded opportunities.. Factors like these, coupled with the cost of travel to an outdoor center, can make it a hard sell. 

Don't get me wrong: there's an argument for it being done better in an immersed environment, but local possibilities do exist. Yet I was relieved today, as I watched a wonderful school from the Upper Grand District School Board drive away. I remembered (again) the space that outdoor centers and camps own over their urban competitors: the ability to experience and grow as a community.  

Bring the parents, bring the teachers, and bring the kids! A bit of structure, a few new learning opportunities, and a whole of lot of time together doing daily routines that normally are done as a family, will enrich your school community, the individuals and the groups that support it, and participate in it, in surprising and unparalleled ways.
(I think the parents had more fun than the kids!)