Kinark Outdoor Centre

The Kinark Outdoor Centre (KOC) is a program area of Kinark Child and Family Services. Pour en savoir plus sur les services offerts en français, appelez notre numéro gratuit au 1-888-663-0670

The KOC operates a three-season camping facility with a core mandate to deliver a menu of enhanced respite programs for children with autism and their families and to support these programs through the delivery of outdoor recreation and community building fee for service programs. If you are a teacher or looking for programs to support a child with autism, you've come to the right place!

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You can get more information on our school based programs at this link. If you are a teacher you can connect directly with our Program Manager  about our outdoor ed programs and how we will work with you to cusotmize your school trip experience.


You can get more information on our autism based programs here. If you are looking for more information about our autism program offerings you can connect directly with our Autism Program Coordinator.

Theres a Science to What we do, Too

The Science of the Magic of Camp - It's Real.

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